About Us

Impulse Pharma is a manufacturer and exporter of quality and cost effective pharmaceutical formulations.The company is mainly promoted by Dr. D. J. Zawar.
Dr Zawar is an experienced medical doctor from Mumbai. During medical practice his entrepreneurial ambitions got excited and over a period the attention was diverted for manufacturing.
He is a founder member and Chairman and Managing Director of the company. Impulse has earned worldwide recognition for adhering to highest quality standards and received approvals for facility and products from various ministries of health and regulatory agencies. The company is committed to provide customers with products fulfilling needs and expectations. Talented, qualified and capable individuals have played a major role in growth of the company. The expertise has been supported by enabling ambience that buoys individual talent while fostering team work and creation of success. The company believes when people of diverse skills are bound together by a common purpose and value system, they can make magic. We have earned the confidence of customers through personal integrity, product quality, cost and delivery commitment. Further, we believe in respecting every individual, regardless of position. Each member has opportunity to express the opinion and is equally accessible.