The aim of setting Formulation and Development department is to design a quality product, packaging components and manufacturing process to consistently deliver the intended performance of the product.
Our formulation and development department has state of art facility for tablet and capsule products.
The processing area is classified in similar lines of commercial productions.
The plant also has well supported Analytical Development team, who are committed for development of analytical methodology that provides sensitive, precise, rugged and accurate data in minimum time.
The key activities include development and validation of various analytical test procedures for assay, content uniformity, dissolution, related substances, residual solvents and other relevant tests and finalization for their specifications. These specifications evaluate desired quality attribute adequately.


The cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) compliant manufacturing site is located at Tarapur industrial zone, developed by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). The plant is about 100 KM from Mumbai, the commercial & financial capital of India, and is well connected with National Highway No.: 8 and Western Railway line. About 4000 square meter size of world class infrastructure is set up for own and contract manufacturing of all type and size of tablet and capsule dosage forms of general category.
Therapeutic category includes Non- steroidal Anti- inflammatory agents, Anthelmentics, Antihypertensives, Antimalarials, Vitamins etc.
The infrastructure includes:
1. State of the art manufacturing facility and laboratory,
2. Advanced sophisticated machines and instruments,
3. Comprehensive Quality Policies and Procedures,
4. Continual monitoring by dedicated quality assurance and self inspection team.
The state of art facility is in conformity of national and international standards.
Further, we constantly upgrade the facility and adapt technological innovations to consistently excel and produce high quality medicines.
Tablets Manufacturing: Flexible manufacturing facility is available for various batch size from 10 kg to 1000 kg. It has high speed compression machines and autocoater and is capable to manufacture;
Film coated,
Enteric coated,
Sugar coated,
Dispersible and
Sustained, Delayed, Extended released
Tablets of various size and shape.
Facility for printing over tablet is also available with coding or anti- counterfeiting feature.
Total capacity is approximately 10 million tablets per day, depending on the size and shape of tablet.
Encapsulation: Facility for High speed automatic hard gelatin 2 piece capsule is available. The machines work on latest technology of tamping principle. These machines are capable of encapsulation of;
1. Powder blend
2. Pellets- Enteric, Gastro- resistant, sustained, delayed, extended etc.
3. Powder and Pellets
4. Two types of Pellets
5. Tablet + Pellets
6. Tablet+ Powder
into various size/ colour of capsules.
Total capacity is approximately 5 million capsules per day.
Packing: Various options for tablet and capsules are available as per stability, use, convenience.
1. Blister Pack ( Cold forming and thermo forming) using variety of lidding and base materials like aluminium, glassin, PVC, PVDC
2. Strip Pack using aluminium, glassin etc.
3. Jar/ Bulk Pack
4. Calendar Pack
5. Kit Pack
These unit packs can further be packed into;
• Monocarton
• Catch cover
• Pouch
• Shrink wrap
The entire manufacturing and packaging area have dedicated AHUs (air handling unit) for supplying filtered air with controlled temperature, humidity, particles and pressure differentials and Water Purification system.